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General, Particular Permanent, Passing Mixed Media works by Mandy Rogers Horton

May 27 - June 24, 2016
1st Friday Trolley Hop, June 3rd, 6-9pm

The title of this exhibit is an excerpt from the poem, View with a Grain of Sand, by Polish poet Wisława Szymborska. In it, the poet reflects on the slippage between language and the natural world it tries to name. Language, she implies, offers humanity a handle on our experiences while inserting misguided notions. Similarly, my work considers the slippage between knowledge and understanding; the limitations of our attempts to perfectly comprehend a vast and complex world. We address the insatiable, impossible, and essentially human desire for understanding through structures and systems, language included, that offer some insights while obscuring others. From millions of diverse sources and experiences we try to apprehend essential truths and end up constructing philosophies with beautifully unexpected combinations as well as tenuous inconsistencies.


The current work reflects on this kind of fabrication through collage and mixed media. The images collected from magazines serve as a vocabulary with which to negotiate desire, belief, and a search for understanding. The process of collage-- of culling, sorting, and composing with ready-made images-- parallels the process of composing both our physical lives and worldviews with pre-existing forms, language, and ideas.


General, Particular, Permanent, Passing
Noisy Day and Night


Mandy Rogers Horton is an artist working in paint and mixed media. Earning her MFA from American University in Washington D.C., she also studied at Anderson University, IN, The Queen’s University of Belfast, and The Chautauqua Institute, NY. Ms. Rogers Horton has been influenced by her time traveling and living in different countries including Germany, Italy, Austria and Chile. Her work has been exhibited in Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of Tennessee Arts Commission Professional Development Support Grant and a residency at The Vermont Studio Center. Her work was also included in the Tennessee Abstract Painters exhibit at Cheekwood Museum of Art.


Rogers Horton now lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, artist, Rocky Horton, and their children, where she is represented by The Arts Company. Her work has been featured in The Tennessean, Nashville Arts Magazine, and The Nashville Scene. Ms. Rogers Horton is a founding member of the Coop Gallery, a non-profit curatorial collective in Nashville. She has taught studio art and art history courses at several universities including MTSU, Lipscomb, Belmont, and Watkins College of Art and Design.




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